trashhand is a self-taught, Chicago based freelance photographer specializing in architecture and urban environments. Doing his best to stay behind the lens at all times, he strives to explore and showcase the world’s most forgotten and remote locations through his own visual perspective. When not roaming Chicago, you’ll likely find him pursuing some of his other passions, like motorsports and snowboarding. trash also has a penchant for teaching and helping others on their journey down the path of photography. While some protect their secret skills, trash shares them in hopes that other can find similar success and satisfaction through the art of visual capture.





Follow trashhand and free-runner, Johan as together they explore the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, capturing and re-imaging the iconic building.



WANP x trashhand come together to bring you this teaser to an upcoming short film project being worked on between the two. The short film is still ongoing and will look to make its full debut late 2016 / early 2017.

Director: Sam Sneed & Chaddy Chad




"Portrait series is to spotlight different artists and creators that aren't following anyones rules but their own. Whether it's music, fashion, or photography, everyone has their own story and their own individual come up..." 

Directed and shot by @illroots.